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Health and Safety

Our Goal is to Keep Your Child Safe

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Keeping your child healthy and safe is our number one priority at For Kids’ Sake.  Our building is professionally cleaned every night and teachers complete extensive daily cleaning and safety checklists to ensure that everything your child touches is as safe as possible. 


At FKS children are taught very early the importance of hand washing.  Even in our Infant Room, teachers will help wash children’s hands upon arrival, after every diaper, before and after eating.  As they grow older, we will teach your child to properly wash and even sing songs to ensure the proper timing.


Parents are asked to adhere to a strict sick policy to ensure that children attending child care are free of illnesses that may be contagious.  We work with even our youngest children on preventing illness by properly covering coughs and sneezes, and help them build good sleep and eating habits. 


For more information on our health and safety protocols regarding Covid-19 please click here.

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