Meet the Team

The FKS Family

Sandi Hommer.jpeg

Sandi Hommer

Owner/ Director

Ms. Sandi began at FKS in October of 2003 with a BA in Psychology and Elementary Education from the University of Richmond and received her Master of Education degree in 2010 from Cabrini College.  Her three children, Abigail, Jake, and Grant, all attended and graduated from FKS.  Abigail even comes back to work and volunteer at FKS when she is home. 
Sandi’s favorite part of the job is meeting all
the new families and watching their children grow from infants through Kindergarten graduation and beyond.

Julie Corcoran.jpeg

Julie Corcoran

Assistant Director

Ms. Julie started as a parent at FKS when she brought her son, Anthony to us in early 2012 and became the Assistant Director in November, 2013.  Julie holds a BS in Human Services from Chestnut Hill and a Master of Professional Studies in Human Resources from Penn State University.  Julie’s sons, Anthony and Enzo, are both part of the FKS Family.  All the morning hugs when she walks into each room and listening to the silly things the kids say are Ms. Julie’s favorite part of her job.

Ericka Van Buren

Ericka Van Buren

Infant Teacher

Ms. Ericka joined the FKS team in December
of 2014 with her four children, Leidan, Jordan, Eden, & Jaiden who have now all graduated FKS.  Ms. Ericka brought several years of experience both owning an in-home child care center and working in early learning centers.  Ms. Ericka has also volunteered her time working with a non-profit organization focused on empowering local teens who are parenting
or expecting children.  Ms. Ericka finds the
most joy in celebrating each new milestone
with her infants.


Tonisha McIntyre

Infant Teacher

Ms. Tonisha has been part of the FKS Family since February of 2015.  She came to us with a degree in Early Childhood Education, more than 10 years of experience in the early learning field, and a passion to teach.  Tonisha’s children, Jenna and Tyler, have both graduated from FKS.  The part of her job she enjoys the most is having the opportunity to recreate some of
her favorite childhood memories with
the children.


Elizabeth Makler

Infant & Toddler Teacher

Ms. Liz came to us in January 2010 at the recommendation of her grandmother, Ms. Doris, a beloved teacher at FKS from 2000 until late 2017. Ms. Liz may have started as a volunteer, but she quickly fell in love with the children and began working here full time in July of that year.  Ms. Liz splits her time between the Infant and Toddler classrooms and her favorite part of the job is snuggling with the babies.


Shameka Richburg

Toddler Teacher

Ms. Shameka was one of the very first employees of For Kids’ Sake when we opened in May of 2000.  Ms. Shameka has grown her family at FKS and now brings her sons, Chase and Mason with her.  Just spending time with each child and having a part in watching them all grow and learn is Ms. Meka’s favorite part of her job.

Irshad Mir.jpeg

Irshad Mir

Toddler Teacher

Ms. Irshad began working at For Kids’ Sake in October of 2004 after working in early learning in New York for more than 15 years.  Ms. Irshad has a grown son, Basit, and spends some of her time outside of school cooking delicious meals
for her friends and lucky coworkers.  Ms. Irshad’s favorite part of working at FKS is watching all of the children of different races and cultures laugh and play together from such an early age.


Leslie House

Toddler Teacher

Ms. Leslie came to FKS in December of 2006 when she moved here from Richmond, VA. 
She brought with her more than 20 years of experience in early learning.  Ms. Leslie has grown her own family here at FKS when her grandson, Kyre enrolled here. Watching
children light up and get excited when they
learn something new is Ms. Leslie’s favorite
part of the job.

Melissa Lindsay.jpeg

Melissa Lindsay

Toddler Teacher

Ms. Melissa Lindsay started with FKS in March of 2021 with more than five years of experience working in early learning.  Her children, Braxton and Alayla have also become members of the FKS Family.  Ms. Melissa’s favorite part of her job is feeling like she is part of a family instead of part of a company.  She loves that every staff member has a special spark about them.


Yanirra Remy

Toddler Teacher

Ms. Yanirra began at FKS in September of 2019 with more than 10 years of experience in the early learning field.  Ms. Yanirrra holds CDA degrees in both Infants/Toddlers and Preschool.  Also, part of the FKS Family is Ms. Yanirra’s daughter, Nylah. Ms. Yanirra’s favorite part of her job is watching the kids’ faces light up when they master a new skill.


Natalie Sanchez

Toddler Teacher

Ms. Natalie joined our team in May of 2022.  With plenty of younger cousins, she started babysitting at an early age and then moved on to become a nanny.  Her favorite part of working with little ones is watching them learn new things and get excited when they have figured out something new.

Alice Buettler

Alice Buettler

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Alice began working at FKS in May of 2019.  She holds a BS in Elementary Education from Chestnut Hill College and came here with more than 30 years of working with children.  Ms. Alice has 2 grown children and loves spending time with her grandchildren. Ms. Alice loves to hear the children laugh when she reads in silly voices.

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Sarah Henson

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Sarah joined the FKS Family in September of 2021.  She moved to this area from California and comes with several years of experience with young children both in individual care and in early learning centers.  Ms. Sarah's loves watching how each of  the children develop a unique personality. No two children are the same and there is always something new to experience.


Taghred Khaled


Ms. Taghred became a part of the FKS teaching team in September of 2021 after moving to King of Prussia from Florida with her husband and children.  She brings with her years of experience in early childhood education working with all ages.  Ms. Taghred believes that it is a joy and a privilege to watch children grow, play and achieve each new milestone.

Delzayah Culbreath.jpeg

Delzayah Culbreath

Preschool/Pre-K Teacher

Ms. Delzayah joined the FKS teaching staff in September of 2018 with more than five years of experience working with children.  Ms. Delzayah completed her Associates in Early Childhood Education and plans to attend West Chester University to complete her BA in Education.  Ms. Delzayah loves that no two days at FKS are the same and she enjoys watching how quickly children develop and learn new skills.

Mary Kate Ryan.jpeg

Pre-K Teacher

Mary Kate Ryan

Ms. Mary Kate became a part of the FKS team in January of 2012 when she was still a senior at Upper Merion High School.  She has since graduated and come a full-time member of our teaching staff.  At home, Ms. Mary Kate enjoys spending time with her step-daughter, Julianna.  Watching the children learn and grow every day is Ms. Mary Kate’s favorite part of her position at FKS.

Kelly Johnston.jpg

Kelly Johnston

Pre-K Teacher

After several years of bringing her daughter to For Kids’ Sake, Ms. Kelly became part of our teaching team in May of 2005.  Ms. Kelly holds a BS in Education from Millersville University and a PA State Teaching Certificate in Elementary Education.  Ms. Kelly’s children Haley and Tyler are both proud graduates of FKS.  Ms. Kelly’s favorite part of her day is making the children laugh.

Nicole Knorr

Nicole Knorr

Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Knorr began working at FKS in August of 2010 after graduating with honors from Rider University with majors in Elementary Education and Psychology. She has since received her Master Degree in Special Education and also holds PA teaching certificates in Elementary and Special Education.  Ms. Knorr grew her family at FKS and her son, Logan, is also part of the FKS Family.  Ms. Knorr’s favorite part of the job is watching how much the children learn and grow from the beginning of the year to the end.